Friday, February 7, 2014

Workers World Party supports Great Russian chauvinism against workers of Ukraine

Read the article by Workers World Party leader John Catalinotto here:


Workers World Party leaves out one vital point of historical context in this article on protests in the Ukraine: centuries Great Russian chauvinism against the Ukrainian people, whose only respite occurred during the period 1917 to 1923.

The author also lends credence to statements by Stalinist and Eurocommunist parties opposing and fascist- baiting Ukrainian peoples' protests.

Branding national aspirations of the oppressed Ukrainian nationality as of a piece with collaboration with German imperialism during the period of Nazi occupation during World War 2 is an attempt to let Putin's Russia off the hook.

Workers World Party prides itself on its sensitivity to the national question and to LGBT rights in every country except Russia. There it supports seemingly without reservation Putin's regime as an example of what Workers World Party founder Sam Marcy called "the class war camp" in world politics. This was Marcy's adulteration of Leninist politics with petty bourgeois geopolitics.

An excellent article from last week's Militant newspaper can be found here:

A Militant article on Ukrainian protests can also be found here:

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