The Third International after Lenin

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Family: Revolutionary Or Oppressive Force? by Caroline Lund [New York: 1971]


  1. I love the site. I love the uploads.

    Is there any chance of some Al Szymanski stuff. He did a piece on women's entry into the workplace being more oppression rather than a liberation.

    Many thanks.

  2. Jason:

    Funny you should mention Szymanski. I posted this to my Scribd shelf last week:

    There are two volumes, and a Szymanski piece in each one.
    See pages 3 and 110 of the file [not the books in the file] to locate them.

    If Scribd tries to charge you to download, download from here:

    I will look for his article on women in the workforce

    1. Thanks so much, Jay. No problems downloading.

      I will get hold of the exact title from my boss, a peer of Al, who still laments his untimely death.