The Third International after Lenin

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Video: Protestors Occupy Charlotte

From the rush transcript by CNBC:

I think our message is to both parties. our message is to these banks that we see both parties at the end of the day are beholden to the same interests of serving the banks and corporations. Every time the banks come asking for a bailout, they get it. the corporations come asking for a bailout, they get. where is our bailout for everyday working people? That's the message we're bringing to both parties that people feel frustrated and alienated and rejected by both parties and that we need to build a movement, a people's movement from below to raise our grievances and demand.

View full video interview here:

My notes:

Both parties "beholden to the same interest" ?

A "peoples' movement from below to raise our demands" ?
"Open up the conversation"  ?

Clearly when there is no independent working class program, the program of [at best] social democracy takes over.  The two March on Wall Street South reps seem satisfied to portray their march as an example of moral witnessing to the ruling class political parties.

They speak of a peoples' movement from below.  But what is that?  A protest every four years?
This is all very vague and all-things-to-all-people.


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