Monday, May 21, 2012

Report on anti-NATO protests

Email I got today from Mike Gimbel

Hi All,

Below is a copy of a message that I received this morning.  The big business news media has purposely distorted what took place in Chicago at the anti-NATO demonstrations. One of the participants, Sara Flounders, from the International Action Center, has sent this message forward to CANG8 and I have taken this opportunity to forward it to all of you.
--Mike Gimbel
Congratulations! Congratulations to CANG8 for a well-organized, powerful united mass rally with a focused message against NATO, NATO's wars, growing repression and the disasterous cuts in every social program. May 20 was, despite all the threats and violence baiting, the largest antiwar demonstration in many years.
The march looked tremendous!! The important participation of the veterans, and the image of returning their medals, combined with the contingent against political repression, united with Palestinians, Philippine activists, the many signs of No war on Iran and troops out of Afghanistan, stop drone attacks, the signs for Bradely Manning and against cutbacks and racism, along with the union participation - it all showed a powerful level of developing unity with the struggle here and around the world. These are images that NATO generals and the whole corporate and military establishment want to totally bury.
This whole week of activity has taken the movement to a new level and nationally helped the young Occupy movement understand NATO as an enemy of humanity.
We shouldn't be surprised at the corporate media's focus on the fabricated violence of demonstrators. They have to hide any understanding of NATO as a criminal conspiracy, committed to violence, corporate domination and human degradation.
But the overwhelming numbers of police, the threatening equipment and tactics of the state's repressive apparatus and then the level of police violence in Chicago was so outrageous that it fully exposed the violence of NATO, more clearly than words and signs could ever do.
It's clear once again NATO rules through fear. In this period of unsolvable capitalist crisis this is their only weapon. The police, the city officials, the compliant media did everything to terrorize the population of Chicago and the region from even coming downtown on Sunday. The media gave endless coverage of danger, threats, violence, along with road closings, searches etc. All of this was meant to undermine support for the demonstration. And to demonize and criminalize our youth as the supposed source of violence. It makes the turn-out an even greater accomplishement.
We should take note of the police interference in Internet, GPS, text messaging throughout the day. US officials denounce and lecture other countries around the world when they do this, but in the face of one demonstration, they have done the same.
I'm so glad to Joe Lombardo of UNAC actually took the time to watch the whole march go while consciously doing a count of the marchers. Joe said he's quite confident that there were over 15,000 on the march and many more, if counting the streets around and the people who merged after the demonstration began.
Of course the media will attempt to undercut our numbers, shrink them completely and also take the focus off of NATO by talking about violence of the youth. We can't allow either thing to happen.
When returning home on Tuesday I feel we can't forget the youth rounded up in Chicago and facing outrageous charges of terrorism, conspiracy, enormous bails and possibly long trials. We don't yet know the charges of those arrested on Sunday but we must make the police-state tactics a national issue. I hope very much that UNAC and every organization within UNAC Coalition can contribute to making these criminal raids and police attacks a national issue.
We need to get out far and wide with this message of what we accomplished and what the city officials and police did to our youth, in their efforts to shut us down.
Thanks again to everyone in CANG8 who worked together for many months to insure today's success.
Sara Flounders
International Action Center
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