Sunday, March 25, 2012

Obama: Right in form, Right in essence

Yesterday on Carl Davidson's Keep On Keepin On pro-Democrat/"Nobody but Obama" blog we had his Trayvon Martin article, which is actually only another anti-Republican article.

What went unstated, and has remained unstated in all the liberal and social democratic commentary about Martin's murder, I summed-up in a comment appended to the blog article, which is, in its entirety:

Bush & Obama, leaders of the bipartisan war party, have killed more Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan kids Trayvon's age in the last 12 years than can be grasped.

Obama is not the lesser evil in 2012.

Those in 2008 who sold Obama as somehow progressive need to be held to account for this.
Those who support Obama after four years of his bloody leadership at home and abroad have shown us what side they are on.

Any call for another vote for Obama represents their further complicity.

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  1. I don't think you can blame people for supporting Obama in 2008 especially after the long winter of Bush. Especially not 18 year olds naive and inspired to get involved. But the second time around, theres no pretending he isn't doing evil. My question is, is it the lesser evil or is it in fact the more effective evil. The Republicans seem to be acting as the blue dog Democrats right cover, they make these right wingers look like principled fighters for civil rights because they carry out corporate business as usual without spewing racist sexist and homophobic slurs. Obama is in a way a "federalist", a right winger who is very pro government. There are differences between him and the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, but its not a very profound one. Both are hostile to the working class and the democratic gains the American people have won in struggle. Both sides are hostile to the people of whatever country is in our ruling classes crosshairs at the present moment.