Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DPRK columnist on Rick Perry [hilarious]

Ignorant Remarks


Now the election campaign for the presidency is going on in the U.S..

The governor of the state of Texas who runs for candidate of the Republican Party made a preposterous remark.

He said Turkey is an Islamic country led by terrorists. Therefore, its qualification as a member state of NATO should be reappraised.

His remark met with a strong rebuff.

The ministry of foreign affairs of Turkey immediately announced a statement declaring that they have no time to spend with a candidate who does not know who is a US ally or not.

Thrown into a bad fix, the US Department of State got itself busy to find an excuse. What the candidate said was already aired by broadcasting network.

What a pity it is! What is done cannot be undone.

The US was lucky that his remark did not lead to a diplomatic dispute.

After all, he gave up his candidacy because of his reckless remark.

What makes him utter such foolish remark.

It is not only his greed for power but high-handedness and arbitrariness of the arrogant Americans that led him to make such a blunder.

The international community ridicule that the US had better mind its own business rather than poke its nose into other's affairs.

Jon Yong Hui

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