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Condemn the brutal murder of Osama Bin Laden

Communist Party of India (Maoist): Statement regarding Osama Bin Laden

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This is a recent statement that has been made available to us by the amazing folks at www.bannedthought.net who have been working very hard to make statements from comrades around the world whose voice has been attacked and censored in their home countries. The statement itself is quite similar to other statements about the death of Osama Bin Laden that have been circulated in the last few days. Indeed, many, if not all of the themes that have been stated below are to be found in an article that was recently published in the bi-monthly newspaper of the RCP(Canada), The Partisan. The two key points that are very interesting and noteworthy in this statement, and that differentiates it from others, are: 1) the emphasis on the relationship between the USA and Pakistan i.e. the manner in which the Pakistani governments statements regarding the violation of Pakistani sovereignty have been simply being dismissed akin to a Master dismissing the complaints of a Servant; and 2) the CPI(Maoist)'s position on organizations like Al-Qaeda and the relationship that Maoist forces should have with "political Islam" (there is also the odd use of the term "the 9/11 attacks allegedly conducted by Al Qaeda", however, I think that can be simply seen as a recognition that it has never been proven in a formal court that Al-Qaeda did the attacks and evidence to make the case has been deemed classified rather than some conspiracist theory. Having said that different leaders in Al-Qaeda have taken responsibility for the attacks).

Some may remember the debate that was being waged in the Maoist blogosphere regarding Jihad vs. McWorld in which some international organizations called for a third way i.e. a refusal to ally itself with either the Jihadists or the Americans, and the need for a revolutionary alternative to both options. The CPI(Maoist) held at the time, and from recent interviews seems to still hold, a political position that stated that groups like Al-Qaeda etc are objectively fighting imperialism (their military attacks on American and allied forces in Afghanistan for example), whilst being subjectively reactionary (their policy towards women etc). The CPI(Maoist) has not called for some kind of liquidation of the revolutionary movement into the Jihadi movement, but rather, has argued that forces like Al-Qaeda should be dealt with politically, not militarily. Indeed, the CPI(Maoist) clearly recognizes and states that only through Maoism and the development of a revolutionary movement and Party will these people ever achieve their freedom, however, simultaneously recognizes that the desire of many to join Al-Qaeda and the Taliban is an expression of an anger against imperialism and the occupation which has not been properly channeled into a revolutionary organization that is truly capable of liberating the people around the world from the yoke of oppression. As the CPI(Maoist) states, "If there were no slaughterers like Bushes and Obamas there would be no Osamas." One can also add that if there was no capitalism and oppression from people like Manmohan Singh and Mosanto there would be no CPI(Maoist)s.

4 May, 2011
War-monger, butcher and blood-thirsty Obama and not Osama is the No.1 global terrorist threatening world peace!

US imperialism and not Al Qaeda is the gravest global threat not only to the entire oppressed nations and people of the world but also to the US citizens!

Condemn the brutal murder of Osama Bin Laden in a covert operation by the global gendarme CIA!

On May 2, the US imperialists murdered Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda by attacking with helicopters the building where he was staying in Abbottabad in Pakistan. US overstepped the sovereignty of Pakistan by directly conducting this operation without even informing the Pakistan government about it. They jammed the radars of Pakistan, entered its skies with four helicopters and attacked the building and finished the operation ‘with surgical precision’. One woman and two men in the building were also killed and it is said that Osama’s wife was also injured in the attack. Their child seems to have escaped death only by chance in this forty minute operation. The Obama administration was callous beyond words even towards the dead body of Osama. They did not hand over the body to his family members but threw it into the Arabian Sea! This was done to rub salt into the wounds as they very well know how insulting and outraging it would be to the muslims all over the world.

As soon as Obama gleefully announced the death of the Al Qaeda leader, the fascists-in-arms of US government – the heads of imperialist countries and their minion rulers in the third world scrambled to describe this as a great victory in the global War on Terror. The comprador Indian ruling classes jumped at the chance to take potshots at Pakistan for sheltering such a ‘dangerous man’ on its soil. Not a word of condemnation about the one-sided attack on a SAARC nation conducted without any regard to its sovereignty. Not a question about what the US war-machinery was doing on the soil of the sub-continent in the first place. The response of the Indian compradors is not really surprising given their record of overt and covert support to most of the aggressive wars and interventions of imperialists (particularly that of US and NATO) in the third world violating their sovereignty in umpteen number of ways and given their own servility to the US imperialists.

The arm-twisting and coercing of Pakistan government by the US ‘to get its cooperation’ in its so-called war on terror ever since the NATO attack on Afghanistan in 2001 has been increasing with each passing day and Pakistan has become a extended backyard of US in this war. This operation is just the most glaring instance of the rampage of the belligerent bully as this is but in continuation of the numerous unchallenged interventions by it in Pakistan, especially in the past decade. The kowtowing of the Pakistan’s comprador rulers is so complete that even after such an offensive action, the Pakistan government is not even unequivocally condemning the attack done leaving to wind all international norms. It was only after widespread agitations all over Pakistan pushed it to the corner did it whimper inaudibly that this attack was illegal and carried on without its knowledge. The Master says ‘So what, I won’t apologize’ and the servant shuts his mouth. Again not really surprising when we look at its record of tail-wagging total submission to the US imperialists. No.1 global terrorist Obama day in and day out bombs Pakistani tribal (Pashtun) areas and kills hundreds of Pakistani citizens (mostly women and children) in the countless drone attacks. Scores of trigger-happy future Raymond Davises roam impudently in the streets of Pakistan baying for the blood of ordinary Pakistani citizens. But the shameless, spineless Pakistani ruling classes are jostling to lay red carpets soaked with the blood of Pakistanis for this murderous ‘Nobel Peace prize winner.’

Ever since the 9/11 attacks allegedly conducted by Al Qaeda under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, the US imperialists under the leadership of the then president George W. Bush have launched a vicious anti-Muslim tirade all over the globe and launched occupation wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions of ordinary people have died or were crippled in these unjust wars not to speak of the appalling horrors faced by women and children. In the name of War on Terror, Muslims all over the world were targeted and subjected to innumerable horrors. Al Qaeda was shown as the face of this ‘terrorism’ and Osama was portrayed as the number one enemy of the US and the world and given a larger-than-life image. Al Qaeda was inflated as the monster behind every terrorist attack in an attempt to justify all kinds of atrocities on Muslims. A man-hunt was launched for Osama and other leaders of Al Qaeda and billions of dollars were spent on the so-called War on Terror. Puppet regimes were installed in Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan almost resembles a colony now. The juggernaut of War on Terror continues to run amok among the Muslim populations crushing millions under its feet.It has been proven many times in history that killing one leader can never end an organization without eliminating the root causes, which are imperialist super exploitation, oppression, intervention and insult in this case, which gave birth to it in the first place. The deep anger and frustration of the Muslim people against the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists and Zionist Israel is finding expression in many ways and Al Qaeda is one of them. The upsurges in the Arab World are another expression of this fury – both against their despotic rulers and against imperialism. Some of the methods employed by organizations like Al Qaeda in their fight against imperialism are harming the ordinary citizens and deserve to be condemned when lives of innocents are lost. But we should not take them out of context and see them as the acts of some mindless people who ‘just hate America’ as the US government wants its citizens to believe. If there were no imperialist interventions and wars of occupation then there would be no Al Qaeda. If there were no slaughterers like Bushes and Obamas there would be no Osamas.

CPI (Maoist) calls upon the people of the world to condemn the brutal murder of Osama Bin Laden by the US imperialists. It demands that all kinds of attacks on Muslims in the name of ‘War on Terror’ be stopped immediately.

CPI (Maoist) firmly reiterates that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the only ideology that can end all kinds of exploitation and oppression in the world. Only under the leadership of the proletariat and its communist party can the oppressed nations and peoples crushed under tyrants, bourgeois dictatorships going by the name of ‘democracies’ and imperialism achieve their complete liberation. Any number of acts of Al Qaeda or any other organization like Al Qaeda cannot win them freedom or sovereignty from the occupation and intervention of imperialists. The upsurges in the Arab World including the struggle of Palestinian people and the unrelenting fight and sacrifices of their organizations would go nowhere unless they get consolidated into People’s Wars against imperialism, feudalism and comprador bureaucratic capitalism in their countries.

CPI (Maoist) calls upon all the oppressed nations and peoples of the world to unitedly fight back the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, who unjustly launched the so-called War on Terror targeting the Muslim populations all over the world. We appeal to the US citizens to realize that it is the brutal imperialist policies followed by their rulers in third world countries that are endangering the lives of US citizens and not so-called terrorists; that it is the capitalist economic system which is leading to financial crises again and again affecting their well-being or rendering them unemployed and not immigrants. We appeal to the people of US to raise their voice and fight our common enemy on his home turf. Supporting the just struggles of the people oppressed by the rulers of your country would also pave the path for your own liberation. We sincerely hope that the struggles of the working class and people in imperialist countries, including US, against monopoly capital and that of the oppressed nations and peoples of the third world would unite and turn into a mighty storm which would ultimately destroy our common enemy.

CPI (Maoist) particularly calls upon the people of South-Asia to raise their voices against the brutality of the NATO forces led by the US in Afghanistan and Pakistan and demand their withdrawal immediately. Support the struggles of Pakistani people against the attacks of US imperialists on their soil and their struggle for freedom from imperialist coercion and intervention.

Let us realize that US imperialism is the No.1 enemy of the world people threatening world peace, sovereignty of the third world countries and their progress. Let us fight back the imperialists and their compradors in our countries for a life free of exploitation and oppression, for a life to be lived with dignity and raised heads.

Central Committee,
CPI (Maoist)

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