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Thursday, March 31, 2011

PCMLR: War to palaces, peace to huts!

[Sent to me via email. Jay.]



Fundamentalist thesis

1. Communist Party (ml) of Romania is an organization Communist nationalist
fundamentalists, the “gun” of the poor against the rich, the political and organizational
arm of the New Proletarian Revolution.

2. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will drive away the bosses from the communist
movement, the new aristocracy away of the labor movement, the privatization parties
away from the movement socialist and the capitalism away the Romanian society.

3. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will fully expropriate the New bourgeoisie of the
Era of Ceausescu and post-Ceausescu and will abolish the private property.

4. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will establish the pluralistic socialism, the
egalitarianism, the direct democracy, the self-management labor force and the planned
competitive economy.

5. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will guarantee to all citizens a place of work, a
minimum wage, state housing, free education, free basic health care.

6. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will institute a 4 / 1 ratio between the maximum
and minimum wages, will prohibit the confidentiality of wages and will suppress the
multiplicity of functions.

7. Communist Party (ml) of Romania rejects the worship of personalities and the elites;
it will transform the politics, taking it away from the professional area, and will impose
the proportional representation of the working classis.

8. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will separate Church and State - ultimately
transforming churches into museums, will fight against pollution and moral decay,
including via the execution of criminals, homosexuals and traitors of the country.

9. Communist Party (ml) of Romania marching in the footsteps of martyrs such as
Tudor Vladimirescu, Avram Iancu, Mihai Eminescu, struggles for the security of
Romanian spirit, for the Great Romania, for the return of Bessarabia, Bukovina, Herta
County, and the Quadrilateral to the Motherland , it strives for "Romania for the
Romanians, only for Romanians and of all Romanians”.

10. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will proclaim the country non-integrated and
non-aligned into the globalized capitalist structures and will promote the solidarity
between all popular forces which fight for social and national freedom from all over the
world, united under the flag of the Permanent Revolution, in the Marxist Leninist way:
Trotsky - Mao - Che Guevara


War to palaces, peace to huts!

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  1. This is an example of the perfect confusion generated by stalinism. With the program of a bourgeois party in the name of marxism.