The Third International after Lenin

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MIA expands Victor Serge Archive

Added to the Victor Serge Archive:

Bolshevism and Asia (1927)
Canton, December 1927 (1928) (as Paul Sizoff)
The Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution (1927) (5 letters):
First Letter: The Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution (1927)
Second Letter: The Communist Task (1927)
Third Letter: The Strength of the Agrarian Revolution – The Red Spears (1927)
Fourth Letter: The Outcome of an Experience of Class Collaboration (1927)
Fifth Letter (1927)
All of Serge’s articles on teh Chinese Revolution in 1927, when he was the one of the main experts of the Left Opposition on the situation in China
[Thanks to Alun Morgan and Revolutionary History]

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