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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"A huge crisis is in the making"

Subject: Emergency Alert: ACUTE DANGER OF WAR OVER KOREA
Antiwar movement calls for Emergency response actions at 5 p.m. should fighting break out:

NYC — Times Square Washington, D.C. — the White House

In Many Cities - Federal Buildings on Day-of or Day-after

SIGN the ongoing ONLINE PETITION to the Obama Administration and s. Korean Govt. at; NOW!

The right-wing government in South Korea is once again threatening live-fire war “exercises” from an island right off the coast of north Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). The DPRK has made it very clear that this would be an act of war to which it would respond vigorously.

A huge crisis is in the making. The U.S., which over the last month has been conducting joint naval exercises in the area with both Japan and South Korea, could tell its client state in Seoul to cancel these provocative military maneuvers. But instead, the U.S. again blocked any agreement to resolve the crisis during a day-long meeting of the Security Council at U.N. headquarters on Dec. 19.

The anti-war movement must prepare to respond immediately to any military action by South Korea, the U.S. and/or Japan against the DPRK. With tens if not hundreds of thousands of U.S., Japanese and South Korean troops mobilized in the area — on land and on hundreds of warships and aircraft carriers — the danger of a general war is acute.

China and Russia have also made it clear that these provocations from the south are very dangerous.

A look at the background shows why this aggression is so dangerous for world peace:

• The U.S. still has tens of thousands of troops occupying South Korea and Japan, which have been there since the end of World War II — 65 years ago.

• Washington still refuses to sign a permanent peace with the DPRK.

• This island and the waters in question are north of the Demilitarized Zone and only eight miles from the coast of the DPRK.

• The U.S. deployment of thousands of troops, 50 to 70 ships, and hundreds of aircraft to the area while South Korea is firing thousands of rounds of live ammunition and missiles is an enormously dangerous provocation, not only to the DPRK but to China.

It is important that antiwar and social justice organizations begin to make plans now for emergency response actions all across the country should the crisis break out in fighting.

The United National Antiwar Committee is also circulating a call for Emergency Response Demonstrations in the event of an attack.

Many groups are sending out Emergency Alerts and circulating calls for Day After Actions. Together we can make our voices strong and unified.

International Action Center, c/o Solidarity Center, 55 W 17th St Suite 5C, New York, NY 10011, 212-633-6646,

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