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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“Our task is to show that resistance is possible and can work.”

Eamonn McCann: Fighting for unity in Derry

The general election in Northern Ireland is dominated by sectarian division – except in Foyle, Derry, where People Before Profit candidate Eamonn McCann is standing.

“With People Before Profit, you get what it says on the label,” said Eamonn. “Our programme is based entirely on raising the interests of the people left behind by the peace process above the interests of the profiteers who dominate our society.

“Both Unionist and Nationalist parties accept the communal divide as the axis of politics. In fact, they are products of the divide.

“But none of them pursue policies to advance the position of people at the bottom of either community.

“We are in the race to offer a real alternative to the gridlock of Orange versus Green.

“Job cuts, closures, pressure to hold down wages – the Stormont budget makes all this inevitable.

“All the main parties back the budget strategy – and then complain when the inevitable cuts come along.

“More and more people are on to this scam and won’t vote the same way again.

“Our task is to show that resistance is possible and can work.”

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