Thursday, January 11, 2018

One-state solution and two-state solution

Statement from a comrade on Facebook:

I've been reading about this for awhile. The PLO is a demoralized and bureaucratized movement, not at all what it was when it issued a call for a democratic secular Palestine. I think from their point of view it's more out of desperation than as a forward road. This is not to say that there aren't Palestinians and Israelis who would genuinely like to be part of a single country; of course there are.

The question isn't really about one state or two: The question is what will advance the interests of the workers, farmers, and other oppressed people among both Israelis and Palestinians. Right now there isn't much of an organized fightback in Israel/Palestine, and that not an isolated fact; it's true throughout the world. The working class and the oppressed are everywhere taking a beating. In both the Mideast and the world one of the most dynamic things has been the movement of the Kurds. But now they've suffered a setback too, although hopefully just a temporary one. Read the article, and then take another look at the Socialist Workers Party statement from a few weeks back.

I believe the mass of Palestinians want their own state, but they have a leadership which is incapable of moving forward. You can't look at the question of one state or two outside of the whole international context.

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