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Monday, November 2, 2009

Satire from Товарищ Х

Call for the Weiner Single Payer Amendment Today!

Well, as Ed McMahon used to say, "You may already be a Weiner."

According to the Congressman's web site, he advocates, for all Americans, the same kind of coverage members of Congress have and calls that "single payer." That program, if I have not been misinformed, lets the Congresspersons choose any commercial insurance company they want to do business with, and then writes checks to cover 66% of the cost of the premiums. It then reaches into one of the workers' pockets for the premium, and the Congressperson reaches into another one for his/her paycheck from which the remainder of the premium is deducted. The insurance companies are the primary beneficiaries of this scheme.
(Single Payer ambulance is pictured above.)

Brilliant! Let's all line up behind that bandwagon and sing The Weiner Song

Sam Webb will be there, supporting his new party , the Democrats Who Lean Slightly to the Left. He explained his new party affiliation here.

Excerpt - "The notion of the capitalist class on the one side and the working class on the other may sound "radical," but it is neither Marxist, nor found in life and politics. Pure forms exist in high theory, but nowhere else. It would be a profound mistake to distance the core forces of this coalition from others who are temporary and unreliable at this and subsequent stages of struggle."
Товарищ Х's Reply - So, comrade Webb, the consciousness of class conflict between the workers and their capitalist exploiters "is neither Marxist, nor found in life." It is difficult to argue with that kind of Marxist analysis. Perhaps I should not have allowed myself to be confused by, e.g., such as Marx's Capital, v.1 where he wrote the following:

"Capitalist production, therefore, under its aspect of a continuous connected process or as a process of reproduction produces not only commodities, not only surplus value, but it also produces and reproduces the capitalist relation itself, on the one hand the capitalist and on the other, the labourer.”

Thanks for clearing that up.
[Posted by Odnovo Litso, 01/11/2009 1:44pm (22 hours ago)]

Thanks be to the Nonexistent that we have comrades like Earl Browder and Sam Webb to correct all the mistakes of Karl Marx lest they lead us astray.

Товарищ Х is a political activist and composer who lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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