Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Workers World Party supports UK big capital against "Brexit" voters

Left hysteria against the results of the UK "Brexit" vote continues. It converges quite clearly in this case with the broad anti-worker media propaganda campaign we've seen around the Trump vote in the U.S.
If WWP can endorse the Remain vote for UK workers, can an endorsement of Democratic Party lesser-evil be far behind?

A few excerpts:
....racist character of the Leave vote.
....From the anecdotes and statistics above it would seem clear that it was better to vote Remain while giving an anti-imperialist, anti-EU explanation that showed solidarity with the oppressed than to remain silent and abstain, leaving your position unknown. Also, whatever anti-imperialist arguments are made, it is clear that the Leave movement is a right-wing movement with a flagrantly racist agenda.
....To be sure, the Leave vote struck a blow at the EU. But that blow is hardly to the advantage of the working class, even if it brings havoc to imperialist commerce and finance capital. The British vote to Leave the EU is now being hailed by the National Front in France, by the Alternative for Germany, by the rightist Democratic Party of Sweden, by the right wing in the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary and by Donald Trump....

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