Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Workers world party endorses knife attacks against Jews in Israel as royal road to Palestinian liberation

Thought experiment: imagine if the leadership of Black Lives Matter endorsed random knife attacks against white people as a way to oppose police brutality.

(No, I am NOT suggesting that Black Lives Matter is equivalent to Hamas.)

Here we have Workers World Party licking its editoral chops at the prospect of supposedly comfy middle class Israeli Jews being on the receiving end for a change:

"Self-sacrificing Palestinian youths armed only with knives and determination have let the settler population know that they can no longer hide in their shopping malls, trendy downtowns with al-fresco dining and 24-hour cable-TV mindsets."

The same party that unconditionally defends without quail or caveat  that murderous regime in Damascus which daily oppressed and kills workers, inluding Palestinian refugees.

WWP's editorialized continues:

"The Israeli settler population now finds itself in the same psychological place as the plantation class in Southampton County, Va., in 1831 when Nat Turner led a slave rebellion."

This is not Marxism. This is petty bourgeois leftist moralizing. It is also the worst sort of self-aggrandizement.

It promotes only the chauvinist prejudices of leftists in imperialist countries who think that workers in the semi-colonial world are only capable of unthinking spontaneous acts of suicidal  barbarism, and cannot be won to a Leninist program of class solidarity on the way to building a movement to end the dictatorship of capital.

Full WWP editorial here:

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