Sunday, September 13, 2015

Farrell Dobbs on the 1956 Hungarian revolution

The bulletin "De-Stalinization," the Hungarian Revolution, and World Trotskyism can be purchased here.

It contains the May 19 1957 speech "Trends in the World Revolution" by U.S. Socialist Workers Party leader Farrell Dobbs.

The speech was a contribution to the debate that evolved in the SWP and international communist movement after workers revolts in East Germany, Poland, and Hungary in the 1950s, when workers and farmers in those countries fought back against the Stalinized Communist Parties attempting to drive them out of politics and shut down the political space they needed to organize on class lines to defend their interests.

Dobbs was speaking against the minority viewpoint defended by party members Sam Marcy and Vincent Copeland.  They argued that any mass protests against the Stalinist leaderships of the workers states objectively promoted the restoration of capitalism and capitulation by the masses to U.S. imperialism. [Their epigones today say the same thing about mass protests in Iran, Syria, and Russia: they support the bloody capitalist dictatorships in Tehran, Damascus, and Moscow as a progressive counterweight to Washington.]

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