Thursday, March 24, 2016

Protocols of the Elders of Leo Strauss.

I've never read any books by Leo Strauss. I was never that curious. But Caleb Maupin referred to him in Satan at the Fountainhead, and that piqued my interest.

Maupin had nothing to say about Strauss, just referred to him as "Leopold Strauss." (Maupin is probably concerned his readers won't get that Strauss is a Jew.)

Straussophobia is a spirited defense of Leo by one of his students.

Who, you might ask, is attacking Strauss, who wrote almost exclusively textual exegesis of idealist Greeks?

Well, apprently the people who think neocons and the Israel Lobby run the US and got Bush to invade Iraq.  Apparently some leftist academics think former students of Strauss, and students of students of Strauss, and second cousins of someone who once read something by Strauss, run the neocon cabal. And the neocon cabal represents the Israel Lobby.

Nothing anti-Semitic here, you understand. All the bad guys only happen to be Jewish, too...


The book:

Further and greater clarity:

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