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"Drop dead, milord!"

- Proletarian: December 2012/January 2013 issue -



Europe in chains: lessons of the economic crisis
The working class in Spain has produced too many homes (in relation to what the market can bear), so as a result hundreds of thousands of Spanish workers are rendered homeless. This is the logic of capitalism. An estimated 2 million homes are lying vacant and unsaleable, yet hundreds of thousands of workers are on the streets.

Israel's latest massacre in Gaza met by renewed Palestinian resistance
The truth is that the shells and bombs which rained death on Palestinian heads in November were a sign of panic and desperation right across the imperialist camp, not of confidence or strength. What can the warmongers achieve by shooting at the captive inhabitants of what is in effect one vast concentration camp? It has only intensified Israel's international isolation whilst reinforcing popular support for the Palestinian resistance.

Imperialists threaten all-out war against Syria
Openly declaring that intervention in Syria was more likely after the US presidential election, Prime Minister David Cameron promptly set off on a weapons-selling trip to the traditional British client states in Jordan and the Gulf. Whilst in the region, he declared that Britain will open direct talks with the armed rebel groups themselves, rather than merely their supposed political proxies.



Industry matters: Blacklists in the dock
The public was shocked to learn how no less than 44 construction firms, including household names like Balfour Beatty, Costain, Corillian, Wimpey and, most notably, McAlpine, had long been availing themselves of blacklist-keeper Ian Kerr's services, paying him handsomely to finger any worker who had at any time been dubbed a 'militant' or 'troublemaker' by a boss.

Work for the pensions we have already earned? Drop dead milord!
Now that the 'pension burden' on the state is being reduced by making people pay more, work longer and get less at the end, voices are being raised to suggest the logical next step. Why not treat pensioners the same as people of working age? Why not make them work for their pensions?

Highlights of the CPGB-ML congress
Our party is building new levels of organisation and discipline, and remains firmly oriented on the path of revolution

Scotland: a part of the British nation
Scottish people -- from all classes, not just the bourgeois sections of it -- played a vital role in building the British nation, of which they have been an integral part ever since.

Lessons of October for the builders of Britain's bolshevik party
Our society is dominated by the ideals, morals, culture and political outlook of the bourgeoisie. It affects us all and permeates and pollutes our own ideas, behaviour and outlook. As communists, we have to challenge this head on and face reality as it is.


:: WORLD ::

Editorial: Obama's re-election promises austerity at home and war abroad
Republicans and Democrats have lost no time in putting aside the contrived playground insults of the election campaign to effortlessly forge a bi-partisan consensus that will be based on swingeing cuts to such programmes as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Industry matters: Greek resistance grows
Greek doctors have "set up a surreptitious network to help uninsured cancer patients and other ill people, which operates off the official grid using only spare medicines donated by pharmacies, some pharmaceutical companies and even the families of cancer patients who died".

Historic victory for Palestine: another rejection of occupation
What the zionist leaders of Israel fear, as they franticly try to intimidate the region by stockpiling American weapons, and all the while grabbing more Palestinian land, is that the 29 November UN resolution may be a game changer.

Libya: Green resistance on the rise
Symptomatic of the enduring loyalty and patriotism of most Libyans has been the refusal of the citizens of the northern city of Bani Walid to bow the head before the quisling government in Tripoli, instead preserving their town as a bastion of sanity whilst much of the country is torn apart by imperialist subversion and tribal conflicts.

US and British war crimes in Afghanistan
One victim screamed "We are children! We are children!" before being shot to death by an American 'hero'.



Review: Ten Mile Inn by David and Isabel Crook
"The women of Ten Mile Inn, who in the past had been forced into unemployment by lack of capital and by urban machine competition, were able to earn money. This improvement of their economic position was the most powerful factor in the beginning of the emancipation of the women of Ten Mile Inn. Perhaps the chief characteristic of the women's work at this period, however, was that it was in the nature of an offensive on all fronts at once. It called for equal rights for women, freedom of marriage, no beating by husbands or parents-in-law, increased production of all sorts (including farm work, but especially spinning and weaving), economic support for the front through rear service (making shoes, uniforms, etc), and besides all this, literacy classes, bobbing of hair, unbinding of feet and opposition to face-saving."

Letter from Comrade Isabel Crook in China
I treasure Proletarian and Lalkar more and more since Syria became a battle ground between imperialism and anti-imperialism. These two papers make such a thorough and factual analysis, which differs so sharply from the BBC.

Poem: Postgraduate Defending Her Lament
but work to live,
don't live to work ...
society's imposed values are berserk!

Letter: Marxism and psychiatry
What Marxism Leninism has never done is to fetishise the empiricist method to the extent that all creative thought is stifled. Yet this is exactly what has happened to medical practice in the western capitalist countries in recent years with the advent of so-called 'evidence-based medicine'.

Letter from the Korean embassy
The Great October Socialist Revolution was a landmark of the history of the world socialist movement, which inspired and guided the oppressed masses to the struggle for a new society.




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