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Pages from a political diary: June 2012


US class reality: not Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but Barack Obama: vampire lover


After Wisconsin defeat, WWP endorses Democrat Charles Barron.

I have scrupulously avoided the kind of rhetorical inflation that usually accompanies such discussions/polemics by communists.  For instance, I have refrained from chalking-up the WWP's endorsement of Barron as part of a long-term defeatism, post-USSR.  Reminiscent of Pablo and Deutscher.  I have also refrained from belittling Barron himself and his desire for a US House seat; he is, after all, hardly a Canarsie Millerand.


Workers World Party defends the Black Bloc end of the OWS spectrum, then condemns NATO without mentioning Obama.  They endorse a recall detour in Wisconsin which meant posing Walker against a pro-austerity Democrat.  They endorse Barron in run in Democratic Party primary while explaining the war moves of that party's president against Syria and Iran.

A politically confused and organizationally disorganized response to a new period of opportunity that can only be exploited and leveraged by Marxist-Leninists with a consistent and politically correct approach, not a mode of wildly flailing. 

There is no Brooklyn 8th Congressional District solution for crises and attacks facing the working class and its oppressed allies.  There is an international solution whose program and strategy correspond to objective class reality today. 

The revolutionary socialist program cannot be implemented in all areas except the 8th C.D. in Brooklyn, while there Marxists endorse a lesser evil candidate.

Is WW's endorsement of Barron's Democratic primary campaign an attempted short cut to the difficult task of winning the working class to the program of international socialism?  The revolutionary potential of other, ready-made spontaneous campaigns and movements and organizations based on non-proletarian class forces has a long history of being a dead-end, detour, and deeply demoralizing factor in class politics every time it has been tried.

Marxists endorsing a Democrat reveals a perverse indifference to the effect of such opportunism on the consciousness of workers.  When we speak in our own name, we will have less credibility.


What should Workers World Party be doing?

    a.  Strengthen WW website
    b.  Run national and local candidates or, if more feasible, offer critical support to revolutionary socialist candidates [PSL, SWP].
    c.  Subscription campaign.  Start taking consistent circulation of the party press seriously
    d.  Re-launch FIST as a national organization with regional meetings and a national conference


We need to take the Democratic Party seriously as our obstacle, not a venue for struggle for rhetorically gifted anti-imperialist activists like Charles Barron.

However complex the interaction of world struggles, there can be no doubt that their final outcome will be decisively influenced by development of the class struggle in the U.S.


Democratic Party generally among activists and in movement, and especially among a layer of Black activists: "designated gendarmerie."


"Well, Shelley Booth-Bishop isn't about to let you over-egg this pudding."
Family Guy


The sleep of Leninism produces monsters


Marginal notes from Daly, Conversations with Zizek

theoretical indifference

among the living

superficial criteria


call into question the revolutionary capacities of the proletariat

mutiny on one's knees

gaudy display of theoretical erudition

a certain amount of philistinism


a sifting-out

see the [party political] form as some sort of restaurant menu

the blind alley into which they have been driven

There is nothing more intellectually barren and politically superficial than...

Theoretical infrastructure of Zizek's work is impressionistic and immature related to Marxism-Leninism, which he only seems able to conceive and theorize in a Euro-communist sense.  [Sam Marcy article on Euro-communism here.]


Stalinism the historic precedent for Pablosim/Deutcherism:  Frustrated by the difficulties confronting the Communist International in winning the leadership of the world working class and extending the socialist revolution, the section of the party led by Stalin turned toward an alliance with other class forces.


"The first half of the 20th century witnessed the most terrible waste of human life in history."

Part of this is because workers' leadership did not break with the reformist and opportunist parties and institutions that bound them ti capitalist ruling class in their respective countries.

In U.S.: La Follette, FDR, LaGuardia, Wallace, and the imperialist Democratic Party in general over the decades.


ascertain the properties of an object by logical deduction from the concept of the object, instead of from the object itself = Hegel


"Shchedrin's characters are eternal.  Every epoch of socio-political decline reproduces them, changing only their historical costumes."
Christian Rakovsky


Fundamental law of Marxism:  "A development of productive forces is the absolutely necessary practical premise of communism because without it want is generalized.  And with want, the struggle for necessities begins again, and that means that all of the old crap revives." Marx


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    1. "a Canarsie Millerand" i.e. an Alexander Millerand from or representing Canarsie, NYC. Sorry for the confusion.

      "Millerandists—exponents of Millerandism, an opportunist trend in Social-Democracy, so named after the French social-reformist Alexandre Millerand, who in 1899 entered the reactionary bourgeois government of France and backed its anti-popular policy. That move of Millerand’s was a striking manifestation of the policy of class co-operation between opportunist Social-Democratic leaders and the bourgeoisie. It indicated those leaders’ renunciation of the revolutionary struggle, and constituted a betrayal of the interests of he working classes. Lenin described Millerandism as revisionism and renegacy; he stressed that social-reformists who entered a bourgeois government invariably turned out to be puppets of the capitalists, and a tool which that government used for deceiving the masses. "