Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ohio rightists attack activist as agitating for "another Kent State"

Comrade and Workers World Party member Caleb Maupin, who writes the excellent Class Against Class blog, has been attacked by a Tea Party outfit called the Ohio Liberty Coalition.  Their statement can be read here.

The pertinent excerpt:

Caleb Maupin and unidentified members of the faculty at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH who, in a meeting on campus this year, specifically called for “someone to be sacrificed” and said the Occupy Movement needed “another Kent State” to “get the riots going before this election.” The information, which was provided by a person who attended the meetings, was given by the OLC to the FBI field office in Akron and to other law enforcement agencies in June. The OLC also delivered a letter to Baldwin-Wallace President, Robert Helmer, making him aware that these meetings are taking place on his campus and are, in some cases, believe to be led by members of his faculty. The letter calls for the College to investigate the involvement of faculty members in Occupy Meetings and to disclose if any faculty members reported the call for “another Kent State” to his office or to authorities.

This is an attack on the democratic rights of all, and a blatant attempt to intimidate activists and close down political space on college campuses.  OLC, of course, has not made public their tape recording or a transcript, or given the exact date of the meeting.  Such facts would immediately demonstrate the meeting never took place. 

We should all reacquaint ourselves with
our rights if approached by FBI or cops relating to issues like this.



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