Monday, April 23, 2012

Diary 08/26/2011

Not sure why this political diary entry never got posted, but whatever was said here about Libya goes double for the anti-anti-imperialists on Syria and Iran today.


The last five days of imperial triumphalism around the outcome [positive for Washington, Paris, and their imperialist allies] of the Libyan civil war have further revealed the tendencies and directions of two "middle class radical" organizations. I would refer to them as "petty-bourgeois" but why get bogged down in the nomenclature when the fauna are so fascinating?

Excerpts from a letter to a comrade in New York:

....Recent articles on MR Zine and Kasama that I wrote are generally WWP brand Marxism-Leninism, and [as far as looking to join another socialist organization in Cleveland after breaking ties with Workers World party] I cannot take RCP seriously any more than I can the ISO.
I think this renewed Christian fascism rant by the RCP re Bachmann and Perry is creating a situation which will, objectively, allow many middle class radicals who follow them to really believe BHO is a lesser evil. I mean, if you think there is a Christian fascism stalking the countryside, voting for Democrats can be rationalized if the only other alternative is sitting in bell jar reading excerpts from BAsics out loud.
There is a real convergence in the left's baby boomer demographic to be seen toward the ISO's no-fly-zone socialism-from-below revealed by opinions about recent events in Libya. Proyect's Marxmail list provides a minute by minute justification for the NATO-TNC side as being a lesser evil. Many former SWPers of his generation [Paul LeBlanc] have already joined ISO, and others in the Marxmail orbit have stated they think ISO will soon drop their historic state capitalist analysis of the USSR and China. It sounds to me like they are saying in a partially hidden way [hidden from themselves as much as others] that once the asylum gets a new paint job, they will be glad to rent a room.

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