Friday, December 9, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: a Marxist view

New York City Town Hall protest 'Flushes Rush'

Published Dec 8, 2011
The prototype 21st century U.S. fascist mentality, the right-wing radio propagandist known as Rush Limbaugh, made an appearance Nov. 29 in midtown Manhattan at the prestigious Town Hall, often a venue for progressive meetings. The International Action Center and other left groups decided that, despite the numerous popular actions competing for attention, it would be a contribution to the struggle of the 99 Percent to confront head-on this offensive fascist's fascist offensive. Thus, those who came to contribute to Limbaugh saw there was opposition to his backward ideas.


An IAC release called Limbaugh "a hate monger … a war monger [who] supported the Pentagon invasions of Afghanistan and Libya," adding that he "constantly ridicules women" and that "defaming lesbian, gay and transgender people is Limbaugh's trademark." Also, though "this multimillionaire radio jerk would starve to death if undocumented workers didn't gather the food for his table," he is "a cheerleader for the fascist anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Alabama" and "spews hate against immigrants.

"Our greatest weapon is unity. Limbaugh's $38-million-a-year job is to divide us."

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