The Third International after Lenin

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Radio Reactionary: Alex Jones

Alex Jones is one of our latter-day Father Coughlins, using the airwaves to spread what seems like populism, but is actually the same old National Socialist poison the working class has fought for ninety years. In this video he attempts to defend Ron Paul, but never raises the question of racist comments made in Paul's 1990s-era newsletters. I suspect Jones, for all his concern for our borders, doesn't like people of color too much.
In this brief 15 minute video he manages to mention water flouridation, the lost ark of US conspiracism; he is nothing if not game!

He also touts Thomas Jefferson, a 100% racist, rapist, and slaveholder responsible for the deaths of more people in North America than has ever been proved about Stalin in the USSR!

By their heroes ye shall know them...

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  1. His co radio host is black and half his guests or even more are leftists. You could even rationally make the argument that Alex jones is a covert Marxist himself. He certainly is not a right wing nor does he promote hierarchical right wing philosophy on his show. He is the antithesis of what this web sight is saying so I don't understand why you'd accuse him of being a racist right winger. Listen to one show and you will find he's is 100% the opposite. Lol if you are getting this guy, THIS wrong, what else are you totally utterly wrong about. Next you'll tell me that Marx is actually the cartoon character of the monopoly man. Lol