Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Товарищ Х: "This capitalist disaster area we call a country"

This riposte from Товарищ Х should be read after the article here.
Appalachia my ass--  Jessie should also visit Detroit, or Buffalo, or Cleveland or any city in the U.S. where industrial workers used to have jobs. Or he might, while he is on this coast-to-coast and border-to-border tour (of a country where the streets were never paved with gold for workers but where they were, back in the day, at least paved), take a detour to the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Lakota reservations described by the UN Special Rapporteur reporting on poverty as "America's own 3rd world country."
Poverty is everywhere in this capitalist disaster area that we euphemistically call a country.
But why stop the tour at the U.S.  borders? Throughout the capitalist world workers have been pauperized and are every day, and in every country, being conscripted into the vast Army of the Unemployed in division strength.
Against this backdrop of grinding poverty for the masses, the U.S.  finds no problem with guaranteeing the profits of a vanishingly small parasite class. Lacking the money to employ the jobless, house the homeless, feed the hungry or heal the sick, this "richest country on earth" can yet raid its treasury to pony up $14.5 trillion to guarantee the profits of its banksters and other select billionaires. That having been spent, it can further secure the interests of such  parasites by borrowing a few trillion more to kill a million-or-so civilians half-a-world away (but not to worry-- just as the "Founding Fathers" might have intended, they were all brown folks).  As this is being written the U.S., at every level of government, is hard at work drafting plans to take payment for the profligacy of the parasites out of the hide of those workers who still have jobs.
So, excuse me Rev Jackson, but aren't you a bit off message?
Is it not yet time for the U.S. to lay down its sword and shield, and stop studying on the sorts of things that have amused it for the past 200 years?
For this kind of work you will have to appeal not to the Democrats and Republicans who turn the tit of government to the mewling parasites of Wall Street, but to the vast numbers of unemployed and to those few workers who are not yet unemployed.

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