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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zizek's summer lectures: a few notes


The class videos were a little choppy and did not seem to follow the stated theme. So I just wrote down the things that struck me as funny, useful, or odd. I think that was the content of his lecture notes, too.

How does subjectivity emerge from objective reality? Don't start with self.

Bentham was not an idiot--he knew what Marx knew about fetishism.

Fetish cannot be dispelled thru ideological critical work.

Habermas not radical enough. His solution: inter-subjectivity too naive.

The moment you are in symbolic space, minimum alienation. Need Big Other as objective agency.

Don't underestimate appearances.

Anonymous authority based on It as the Big Other.

Passionate love is a pathology and a meta-catastrophe. Out of proper measure to what is deemed socially acceptable.

Left-authoritarian good guys: Darth Vader and Emperor. Re-write to make them the heroes. Only they have passion to change things. Jedi passionless conservatives trying to preserve the old.

We see ourselves as responsible agents.

Platonov benefited from Stalinism.

Lacanian Real is obstacle that makes reality inaccessible.

Real is emerging social antagonism falsely reflected in subjective consciousness.

Real is obstacle. Real cannot be symbolized. No neutrality or distancing with which to view the Real.

Deng Xiaoping wanted to model his China on Singapore.

Nirvana: being totally present.

Freudianism rises or falls based on whether drive is/is not desire.

Only in Christianity is there a time of blasphemy [Job, the crucifixion] where even God does not believe in himself.

Buddhist desire is called Sunsara.

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