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Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Rebellion: notes from the Marxist press


Stand with the resisting African workers in Britain!

It is right to resist and demand answers!
Published Aug 8, 2011


....clearest signal that the colonised African working class community is ready to resist British imperialism.

....How can anyone in this society call Africans thieves, criminals, and thugs?

The British government denounces the rebellions as unacceptable violence. Meanwhile, the British government is involved in bombing Libya.

....a global context of struggles by oppressed nations to achieve freedom and human dignity and to regain control of their resources, lives and countries. This is the main rising trend in the world.

rebellion Saturday, 6th August 2011....following the police murder of 29 year old Mark Duggan, father of four..... on Thursday 4th August 2011

Police ....contemptuous ....beat up a 16-year-old African girl with their batons.....[she was part of peaceful] demonstrators outside Tottenham police station.....

....long history of British police violence against the African community.

The list of names of African men killed by police speaks for itself. Smiley Culture, Ricky Bishop, Derek Bennett, Michael Powell and Roger Sylvester are just a few of them.

The press, the police and white and black politicians alike are united in condemning the youth rebellions for their response to the gunning down of Mr. Duggan by Operation Trident police. As usual, the ruling class press and the lap dog politicians are incapable of condemning the police's murderous act and brutality against Africans and other oppressed and exploited communities.

....constant Stop and Searches and DNA swaps of our black men by the police. is under the siege of the drug economy that the government
has imposed on us, with deadly consequences.
....horizontal violence is a direct expression of this.

....Black people in Britain represent a poor and oppressed community. We are a people behind bars. We are a people below the poverty line, where half of the households live below the national average income â€" which, before the credit crunch, was between £11,000 and £12,000.
This is part of the struggle that is happening in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt,
Bolivia and Venezuela. This is the incomplete struggle of African people of the sixties that was attacked and militarily defeated by the British, French, Belgian, U.S

This system has no future for the vast majority of our people. It does not matter which party is in power — Tory, Liberal Democrat or Labour — they do not represent the interests of the African workers.

....The poor people are having access to resources without the permission of the ruling class. This is a crime according to the law of the British bourgeoisie.

Police impunity, challenged by the people's power
....not a single police officer has ever been convicted.
....people have instead taken justice into their own hands.
....they may not be fully aware of is that they have the right to do so, and

to do so permanently by getting organised in pursuit of State power in our own hands, through our own political party and on our own terms.

....British rulers lied in front of the world to justify the aggression of Iraq, where they killed so many people. The British government are not only key financial supporters of the corrupt Ugandan and Rwandan governments, but sponsor & endorse the genocidal warfare that has claimed over 6 million lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Where are the condemnations of these atrocities that are happening at this very moment?

If violence is unacceptable in the streets of London, then it is also

unacceptable in the streets of Libya, Congo, Somalia....

From the members of the British parliament fiddling their expenses & lining up their own pockets with peoples monies; to the corrupted press hacking on peoples phones and telling lies; to the police accepting bribes from the press — they are in no position to address the black community on morality.

....Africans decided not to wait on another IPCC investigation.
Africans need to get justice for ourselves. We need to speak for
ourselves, and we need define the direction of our struggle.

....The African working class is waking up to fight to end all wars on Africa and African people. These wars include the killing of Mr. Duggan and other Africans by the police in this country. This war includes the six million Africans killed in the genocide in the Congo.
It includes the massive jailing of Africans in the U.S. jails and the
displacement of 2.5 million Africans from their fertile traditional land to arid sterile land in Colombia at gunpoint.
It is worldwide war on us, and our response must be part of a worldwide

....people are complaining about the loss of buildings, cars, etc.
....modern capitalist economy has been built at our expense, on the
foundation of centuries of African genocide.

....1. We need to build a British front of an international party of the African workers, capable of mobilising and organising our community around its strategic interests in this country and around the world.
2. We want access to the resources that belong to us in the first place.
3. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of all those black youth arrested as a result of the rebellion sparked by the police murder of Mark Duggan.
4. We demand the immediate arrest of all police officers involved in gunning down Mark Duggan.
5. We want community solidarity to benefit those African workers who have lost homes and clothes as a consequence of the rebellions.
6. We want an abolition of Universities fees
7. We demand an end of the British government-imposed drug economy.
8. We demand an end of stop-and-search and DNA swaps.


From A World To Win News Service

London's Burning—the revolt of the youth

This rebellion is fueled by anger at cutbacks, poverty, racism and the police. There is real fury right now at the brutality and oppression of a state apparatus that can just gun down a Black man in cold blood then try and cover its tracks with lies and misinformation.

.... what is taking place on Britain's streets is a revolt against an oppressive state apparatus that is enforcing an unjust society, an apparatus that has lost much of its legitimacy in the eyes of millions.
....refusal by hundreds of thousands of youth to accept a world where they are destitute, with no jobs and no future.

....Duggan was a resident of the Broadwater Farm Estate, a large social housing complex that was the setting for a powerful rebellion 26 years ago, when a police raid killed Cynthia Jarrett, the mother of a local community activist.

....most people were pretty sure there was a police cover-up even before the facts came out. Over and over again people have seen the police cloak their bloody repression in lies.
.... Innocent Project documented how over a period of years nearly 200 people died while in police custody—but not a single cop ever went to prison for any of these deaths....
....part of a bigger web of lies and deceit, where the politicians and media tout their wars as being waged for "democracy" and "freedom," when they are nothing but vicious wars for empire, and they call this capitalist dog-eat-dog hellhole of inequality and oppression the best system on earth.
....theory of checks and balances in capitalist democracy in action! The police investigated by the police and then declaring themselves completely innocent. Is it any wonder the oppressed peoples in areas like Tottenham have no faith in this system?

....Tottenham—for every job in the borough there are 54 young people there who need work, and the unemployment rate for Black youth is over 50%. One study reported that Tottenham is actually one of the areas of Britain that will be least affected by the government cutbacks—because there was almost nothing to be cut back to start with!

....Labour has ditched its talk about the social causes of the rebellion and jumped into line with the entire British ruling establishment and begun to call for more repression....hailing the police, and calling for beefing up their ranks.

....enslaved ...colonised .... How does a nation that has committed such genocide justify its actions to itself? By telling itself that black people are "violent" and "savage" and deserve to be exploited and oppressed by "superior" white people. It was these self-serving stereotypes that are the background for the mentality of the police officers that opened fire and killed Mark Duggan

....consider the hypocrisy of the political and media spokesmen of this system flying into a frenzy of outrage at inner city youth stealing trainers, mobile phones or other petty items. This ruling class built their system on the slave trade, they enforced a colonial empire at the cost of tens of millions of lives, and today they make hundreds of billions from an empire that stretches around the globe and is enforced at gunpoint in Afghanistan and Iraq. These world-class imperialist hypocrites have no right to condemn anyone for "looting and thieving."

....youths' tactics, lighting fires in side street dustbins and the like, have been aimed at drawing the police into fighting them on terrain where they have at least half a chance to get in some blows. The police, in turn, try to avoid that and instead have their own is the police themselves who are a major factor in determining what gets protected, and what doesn't.
....revolts started in a spontaneous, angry outburst by teenagers who were necessarily inexperienced in struggle. Errors get made in the course of any struggle. There have been two more nights of revolts following the initial revolt in Tottenham, and it seems that despite the rapid spread of unrest, no or at least fewer homes have been destroyed by fire.

....masses ....full of the contradictions that come from being part of capitalist society, but being in its most oppressed sections.
....shopkeepers, often from a single nationality, are forming teams in different areas to defend their shops, which offers the police real opportunities to fan the flames of infighting among the oppressed. reports of anyone but the police being specifically targeted by the youth. And despite the conflicts that have erupted from time to time on the streets between white, Asian and Afro-Caribbean youth, during these rebellions all comers of whatever race are still being greeted in a spirit of unity and solidarity—a theme that is spelled out repeatedly in the Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry messages that are flying over the airwaves.

....Brixton and Tottenham in the 1980s in particular—were confined to a single area of the capital, in response to a particular outrage by the police.

.....fighting with the police has now erupted in at least 20 or more different districts in the capital plus several in cities in the Midlands, with the youth proving far more fluid and fast-moving than even the mobile police forces.

....reflects much more than any one particular abuse.
....not chance that sees the cops stop young Black men on the street thousands of times a month, with almost no arrests—this is just the sharpest edge of an entire system....

.... the justice and respect the masses crave and deserve will not be granted to them by this system.

....what next?


The riots in Britain: a warning to the bourgeoisie

Written by Alan Woods Tuesday, 09 August 2011

....riots ....a symptom of a general crisis of capitalism.

[UK]....riots have coincided with a general crisis on the stock markets of the world. This reflects a general nervousness on the part of the bourgeoisie, which has finally woken up to the fact that the economic recovery has run out of steam.

Marxists ....duty is to find a road to the youth, to help them to find the right road – the revolutionary road, the road to the socialist reconstruction of society.

....frustration seized the streets in mainly poor areas with a high concentration of unemployed youth, a high proportion of them black.

....Everywhere the police give the impression of complete impotence.
....Any attempt on their part to take offensive action – even to arrest looters – threatened to produce the most serious consequences.

....criminal element is always present in capitalist society...."dangerous class", [lumpenproletariat] the social scum, that passively rotting mass thrown off by the lowest layers of the old society."
....some de-classed and criminal elements who are always ready to loot and burn. There are also professional criminals. But the great majority of the thousands of young people who went on the rampage last night were not of this kind.

.... idea that thousands of youth could take to the streets and attack the police just because they wanted a new pair of trainers is the height of stupidity.

If a young person has a job that is reasonably paid, he has no need to break into a shop in order to obtain a new pair of trainers. That is the reason why very few bankers are convicted of shoplifting.

Capitalist society is a sick society, and it breeds a moral sickness that is the poisoned soil on which crime of all sorts flourishes. There are the big criminals who prosper and grow fat and rich and who end up in the House of Lords, and there are the small criminals who live in slums, who try to better their lot by individualistic actions, and who end up as guests of Her Britannic Majesty in rather less comfortable surroundings.
....Solon the Great of Athens once said: "The Law is like a spider's web. The small are caught, and the great tear it up."

....Do Marxists condone rioting, looting and vandalism? No, of course we do not. We do not condone cancer, either. But as everybody knows, it is not enough to condemn cancer. It is necessary to discover its causes and find a cure.
....our rejection has nothing in common with the stinking hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie. We reject them because they are a pointless and destructive exercise that does nothing to solve the problems of young people and actually make them worse. How does the wrecking and burning of shops and businesses help provide more jobs for young people?
.... main victims of the riots are poor people, like the rioters themselves.
....provide the ruling class with powerful ammunition for their propaganda machine. They help to blacken the name of all who are fighting for a new and better world. They enable the poisonous media to criminalise the youth of Britain....

....real criminals are not threatened by the breakdown of law and order, which they observe from a safe distance, well protected by the police....
.... trade union leaders have adopted a narrow minded approach. They have not taken serious steps to organize the unorganized.

....Deprived of a voice, the unorganized youth is left to face up to the effects of the capitalist crisis on its own, to draw its own conclusions and act on its own behalf.
....television ....shows them the good life that others enjoy, but from which they are radically excluded. They are enticed by glossy advertisements to join the merry party of consumerism but then find the door slammed in their face.

....absence of a revolutionary party that can show them how to win emancipation by collective means, whereby the whole of society is lifted out of the swamp of poverty and raised to a higher level, they will inevitably seek salvation on an individual basis: by attempting to seize the things they lack, as we saw last night.
.... inescapable consequence of capitalism and the morality of the market place. Capitalism teaches people to be selfish and greedy because greed and selfishness are its principal motor force....strong must win and the weak must be trampled underfoot. This is now the world of business operates. Why complain if ordinary folk behave in the same way?

Rioting .... expression of impotent rage....filled with false sense of power.
.... Plans will be laid to retake the city, area by area, street by street, house by house. Arrests will be made. Trials will be held, and many of those youngsters who seemed to be masters of the streets last night will be made to pay a heavy price for it.

....capitalism has condemned whole layers of youth to the living death of unemployment.
....seething anger was building up in the depths of British society.

....cuts and austerity can only make the present crisis worse. By cutting living standards, they are reducing demand and this aggravating the crisis of overproduction.

....quantitative easing.... the printing of money... will only stoke the fire of inflation, preparing the way for an even deeper slump at a later date. The bourgeoisie finds itself trapped between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

....bourgeoisie has no way out. Every attempt to restore the economic equilibrium only serves to undermine the social and political equilibrium.

....Spinoza: "Neither weep nor laugh, but understand." Our duty is to find a road to the youth, to help them to find the right road – the revolutionary road, the road to the socialist reconstruction of society.


By Abayomi Azikiwe
Editor, Pan-African News Wire
Published Aug 10, 2011 6:51 PM

....British government has announced and implemented huge cuts in education and social service programs in the face of growing unemployment and poverty. Now Black and working-class youth are responding with direct action and mass rebellion.

....Faced with worsening unemployment and social conditions for the working class, mostly young people in the suburbs of France, where many African and Arab immigrants live, erupted in rebellion in 2005 and 2006 in response to police brutality and institutional racism.

....Such rebellions could occur anywhere in the industrialized capitalist states. Rising unemployment and impoverishment of oppressed and working-class people provide fuel for social unrest. The regime implements its economic decisions without consulting working people and youth.

....U.S./NATO wars against Afghanistan and Libya have only provided more defeats for world imperialism in its desperate attempt to maintain its dominance over the majority of humanity.

.... strengthen the existing mass organizations and trade unions in their fight to end the system of exploitation and oppression. To many it is becoming quite obvious that capitalism and imperialism have nothing to offer working people and the nationally oppressed throughout the world.


Issued by: CPGB-ML
Issued on: 09 August 2011

....Until now the British working class had been relatively quiescent in the face of increasing police repression and worsening living conditions and social provision, but the events of the past few days have changed all that and shown once more the fighting spirit of the British proletariat. Young working-class people in particular have shown that they are not prepared to lie down indefinitely while they are kicked like a dog by the lickspittles of the British ruling class. the borough of Haringey where Tottenham is located, eight out of a total of 13 youth clubs were closed just last week) and unemployment (Haringey has one vacancy for every 54 jobseekers).

....acts of looting that are an inevitable feature of such spontaneous outbursts. However, they should not be allowed to detract from the main character of the events, namely a justified revolt against police killings and repression, racism and poverty.
....capitalist society itself that flaunts its luxury goods at the poor, sending out a message that you are scarcely human if you don't possess a flatscreen plasma TV and the latest designer labels, while at the same time depriving masses of people of jobs, or paying wages too miserly to enable these goods to be bought.
....Meanwhile, some 'looters' have been reported as making off with such essentials as toilet rolls and disposable nappies. Labour MPs have been no less vociferous than any others in branding their constituents as criminals and calling for increased police repression, including not only Tottenham MP David Lammy but also Hackney's Diane Abbott, darling of much of the 'left' and erstwhile heroine of the opportunist 'Black Section' movement in the Labour party.

[Police]....ruthless gang of thugs dedicated to violently upholding the rule of the rich. To put it in Marxist terms, they are a special body of (increasingly) armed men, whose job is to enforce the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

Communities ....form themselves into self-defensive bodies to resist the police and other agents of bour-geois repression.

.... if enough people rise up simultaneously and in enough places, there is not much the ruling class can do to stop them, since the police and others who make up the forces of the state are actually very few in numbers compared to the masses of the working class.
....working class urgently needs to learn is that the real source of their misery and frustration is the capitalist system of production.
....As economic crisis threatens the billionaires' profits, they are pressing even harder, reducing to a minimum and below not only workers' wages, but also the social benefits they need, while being quite unable to provide work for millions more people who need a decent job.

Communists support and defend the oppressed when they rise up, but we have seen massive uprisings before, generally in the same communities as current events, for example in 1981 and 1985. But so long as capitalism remains in place, it continues inexorably to impoverish the working class; and overthrowing capitalism is impossible without conscious organisation for that purpose, for which trustworthy proletarian leadership is required. So long as capitalism remains in place, the real gains of workers' struggles, however magnificent, are transient and reversible – precisely why the events of previous years are being repeated today.
....working class needs its own general staff, which can lead not only in defensive struggles but also in the struggle to overthrow the increasingly criminal rule of the bourgeois class of heartless billionaires whose system treats the millions of working-class people as vermin.
This general staff can only be a communist party, guided by the science of Marxism Leninism: the accumulated wisdom of more than a century and a half of struggle by the working people of the whole world. The CPGB-ML is fighting to build such a party and welcomes class-conscious people to join its ranks. With your help, we can organise to enable the working class to seize power and build a new society where it is the interests of working-class people that will determine what we build and how we live, rather than the requirements of the rich to make profits.

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