Friday, August 12, 2011

Notes on UK rebellion


UK Rebellions: spontaneous uprising and communist leadership

by Jay Rothermel


  1. Rebellion’s material and political context
    1. Three decades of getting poorer
    2. Capitalist over-production crisis
    3. A global anti-labor offensive
    4. Post-2007 austerity
    5. Ruling class assault on minimum wage in imperialist states
  2. Blowing Up 2011
    1. A year of rebellions and revolts
      1. Tunisia
      2. Egypt
      3. Wisconsin
      4. prison uprisings and resistance
        1. Ohio State Penitentiary
        2. Georgia prison strike
        3. Pelican Bay hunger strike
    2. Mass strikes against austerity in the Euro-zone
      1. Greece
      2. UK
      3. France
      4. Spain
      5. Portugal
    3. 08/06/2011: Mark Duggan, the spark
      1. decades-long trend in anti-Black cop violence
      2. economic apartheid
    4. Combustible material in UK society
      1. unemployment
      2. austerity & social wage
    5. Preliminary lessons of the UK rebellion
      1. Youth wanted a piece of the cops
      2. Cops retreated from battles they might lose
      3. lumpen criminality over-reported
  3. Labor must engage with communities and unemployed
    1. Labor movement has allies among the oppressed
    2. Union movement must shift from “fringe benefits” to “people’s tribune”
    3. Find a way to young workers
    4. Labor must take the initiative
  4. Crisis of revolutionary leadership today
    1. Labor and oppressed peoples struggles left to class collaborationists
    2. Spontaneous un-lead blow-ups ultimately demoralize
    3. Socialism must break with reformism and democratic imperialism
    4. A communist party must be built along Leninist lines. All other lines for 90 years have failed.
    5. Socialists Unite” program is the only principled foundation for building mass parties in imperialist countries today.


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