Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diary 8/3/2011: Polarization and class initiative

A shape of things to come

[Ruling class wants “cheap state” only in relation to concessions previously conceded to working class.]

These overhead costs [Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, unemployment insurance, SSI] are no longer supportable. The capitalist class would rather risk showdown with government workers and recipients of benefits now when they have the initiative and our class has internalized decades of give-backs and concessions and defeats. The capitalists have been strengthening their police and domestic military capabilities since at least 1996’s Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. After over 30 years of austerity and union-busting, mass consciousness on the need to generalize the fightback is no longer just a distant hope of labor militants and revolutionary socialists.

As their time runs out and the tremors of an explosive social earthquake come more quickly, the tenor of bourgeois politics becomes more vulgar, chauvinistic, and pornographic. Vast middle layers within society [the petty bourgeoisie] face destitution and proletarianization, while at the same time are increasingly maddened and infuriated that a system they do not comprehend is despoiling and eroding their professional and entrepreneurial dreams, toward which they have a deep and profound sense of entitlement.

Labor aristocrats, labor bureaucrats, and large sections of the petty bourgeoisie are currently being aimed at scapegoats: immigrant workers, public sector union members, and China’s bondholders. We should also not forget that BHO is also offered as a scapegoat, offered to the most reactionary and racist elements of this milieu. While it is true that not every labor bureaucrat beats the tin drum of anti-China chauvinism, and not every Tea Party cadre indulges in racist daydreams of BHO as a Marxist Muslim bomb-thrower, these ideas receive a broad hearing in the intermediary layers of class society. They are promoted in various bourgeois media outlets 24/7 by spokesmen and publicists of ruling class parties, foundations, think tanks, and academic institutions.

This intensifying polarization and scapegoating has gained traction in many imperialist countries among marginal characters alienated and atomized by capitalism in decay. Loughner in Arizona and Breivik in Norway, as much as the Minutemen and the EDL, are a shape of things to come if the working class and its oppressed allies do not starting speaking and acting in a more robustly class-conscious manner.


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