Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jose Maria Sison: A Good Man Worth Defending

Message on the Occasion of Book Launching

of “Jose Ma. Sison—a Celebration
By Jose Maria Sison

I would like to thank all those who have made the publication of this book possible – the editors, the publishers Aklat ng Bayan, and all those who have contributed their impressions and commentaries to this compilation in celebration of my life and works.

It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that I address all of you who have come today to participate in this book launch and celebration. You have taken time out from your busy schedules to learn about this book and hopefully to buy a copy or two.

I have not read all the articles in the compilation, but I am familiar with most of them . The selections indeed reflect and are a good representation of my life and works from the time I was a young student activist through laying the ideological, political and organizational foundations of the national democratic movement, through founding and leading the party, my life in prison and eventually as an exile.

Many of the authors are comrades and/or friends with whom I have worked closely at one time or another. All of them are certainly quite competent and knowledgable on the particular aspect of my life and works that they have chosen to write.

It is both heartening and reassuring to see that the contributors – as well as our audience today -- span at least three generations, come from different nationalities, professions and walks of life, and belong to a broad spectrum of political and even ideological persuasions.

It signifies that the ideas I have espoused and developed, and the large part of my life which I had devoted to advancing the cause of national liberation and social emancipation, have not only inspired others to be patriots, democrats and socialists, but to be themselves serious political analysts, social scientists and full-blooded revolutionaries.

I hope that the ideas and commentaries presented in this book, coming from different perspective, will give the readers a broader and richer understanding of what I have stood and fought for. I hope this would serve to inspire them, raise their consciousness, commitment and contribution to the struggle of the Filipino people and the peoples of the world for national liberation, democracy and socialism. #

From Bulatlat:

Celebration of the Life and Struggles of an Authentic Revolutionary

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